Edward Dymoke ca.1557-1624

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Sir Edward DYMOKE ca.1557-1624

Armorial stamp of Sir Edward Dymoke (British Armorial Bindings)

Biographical Note

Son of Robert Dymoke of Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, a gentry family long established there and which continues to the present day. Successive members of the family have held the title of King's Champion since the late 14th century; it is now a ceremonial role at coronations. Edward became MP for Lincolnshire in 1584 and was knighted in the same year; he remained an MP in several late 16th century Parliaments and is recorded as having had an active parliamentary career. Around the turn of the 17th century he became involved in a protracted quarrel with his uncle Henry Clinton, 2nd Earl of Lincoln, and was fined and briefly imprisoned.


There is a small handful of books in several libraries in early 17th-century bindings decorated with a simple sword tool, pointing upwards or downwards. These have been tentatively assigned to Dymoke but the armorial connection is not strong and there is no other evidence in the books to confirm the identification. The wills of later generations of the Dymoke family (Sir Edward, d.1664, Charles, d.1703), which include extensive dispositions of land, have no mentions of books. The attribution is therefore dubious at best. Examples: Cambridge UL S*.2.25; Westminster Abbey M.3.50.