Edward Grace d.1715

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Edward GRACE d.1715

Biographical Note

"The Reverend Mr. Edward Grace, late minister at Clapham in Surrey", whose library was sold in 1716, has not been traced in the university or nonconformist lists, but two of his sermons, preached at Clapham in 1701-03, were printed (ESTC t73595, t141032). In his will, he is described as "Edward Grace of Clapham in the county of Surry gent".


Grace's library, together with that of "a learned school master" was sold by retail sale in London, beginning 21.9.1716. No catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in the Daily Courant (with a mention that "there are many more books than are in the catalogue, and a collection of choice sermons and other tracts, bound and stitch't, sold very cheap"). Grace's will has no mention of books; he left all his personal estate to his wife Ann. His other legatees were a brother and sister, there being no mention of children.