Edward Northey 1652-1723

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Sir Edward NORTHEY 1652-1723

Northey's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *260)

Biographical Note

Born London, son of William Northey and Elizabeth Garrett. Attended St Paul’s School, and in 1668 matriculated at Queen’s College Oxford and entered Middle Temple. Called to the bar in 1674. Attorney-general 1701-7, 1710-17. Knighted in 1702. MP for Tiverton 1710-22. In 1687 he married Ann Jolliffe, with whom he had three daughters and two sons, William and Edward.


Northey used an engraved armorial bookplate dated 1703, existing in variant states, with the motto reworked (Franks 22041, 22042, *260).

Example: Cambridge University Library SSS.1.3

In his will he bequeathed 'to my Son William all my Books and Manuscripts (except such Divinity Books not in Folio as my Wife shall choose which she shall have. and also except where I have two of a sort in which case my son William shall choose and my son Edward shall have the Other'.