Edward Veel 1632/3-1708

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Edward VEEL or VEAL 1632/3-1708

Biographical Note

Possibly born in Lancashire or Gloucestershire, Veel's origins are uncertain. BA Christ Church, Oxford 1652, MA 1654. Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin 1654, BD 1661, and minister at Dunboyne 1655 (ejected 1661). He returned to England in 1662 and became chaplain to Sir William Waller; he was licensed to preach in Wapping 1672, where he ran an academy for ministerial candidates. He published devotional works and helped edit the works of Stephen Charnock.


In his will, Veel bequeathed to his sister Martha "my Pools Annotations on the scripture in two volumes in folio"; no other books are mentioned, and the residue of his estate went to his daughter Katherine. His library was auctioned in London, 25.11.1708, as part of joint sale with the books of John Daniel, another nonconformist minister; no catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in the Daily Courant.