Ferdinando Fairfax 1584-1648

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Ferdinando FAIRFAX, 2nd Baron Fairfax 1584-1648

Biographical Note

Born at Denton Hall, Yorkshire, son of Thomas Fairfax, 1st Lord Fairfax of Cameron (1560–1640). Admitted to Gray's Inn in 1602. MP for Boroughbridge 1614-28, and in the Short Parliament of 1640. Parliamentarian army officer and governor of York in the 1640s, during which time he protected the minster and preserved the library and archives.


As well as being noted for saving York Minster Library at this time, he gave over 400 volumes from his personal library, some of which had been owned by Sir John Hotham.

The characteristic F F marking found in the books given to York Minster (York Minster Library Inc 3-5, Albertus Magnus, 1493)

Characteristic Markings

Books given to the Minster Library by Fairfax typically have an 'F F' inscription on a leaf near the beginning of the book.