Francis Durant De Brevall 1629/30-1707

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Francis Durant DE BREVALL 1629/30-1707

Biographical Note

Born in France, came to England in the 1660s as one of the Roman catholic clergymen serving in the chapel of Henrietta Maria at Somerset House, when she returned as Queen Mother at the restoration. He converted to the Church of England and was a minister at the French church in the Savoy, and a chaplain to Charles II, by 1671. Prebendary of Westminster Abbey 1674.


In his will, de Brevall directed that all his books should go to his son John, should he be in holy orders at the time of his death or within six months thereafter; otherwise, they were to be disposed of as his widow thought fit. John was then a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, but was expelled in 1708 and became a writer. De Brevall's library was sold by retail sale in London, beginning 10 May 1708. No sale catalogue survives, but it was advertised in the Daily Courant as "a curious collection of books in all faculties of Greek, Latin, Italian, French and English".

Characteristic Markings

None of de Brevall's books have been identified.


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