Francis Raworth d. 1657

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Francis RAWORTH d.1657

Biographical Note

Raworth was appointed town clerk of Dover, Kent in 1601, and involved in the admininistration of Dover and the Cinque ports. He seems to have practised as an attorney prior to this time, and was recorded as an undersheriff in 1599. He married Elizabeth —.


He bequeathed to his first son Francis, a lawyer who took over as town clerk of Dover, ‘all such Bookes, as he now hath of myne in his custodie’ as well as ‘one halfe of the papers, and bookes, in my Studdy’. The other half went to his second son, Thomas, a clergyman, together with ‘All other my bookes whatsoeuer, printed written or vnwritten’. An exception was specified: ‘the three volumes of the bookes of marytrs’, to go to his third son, Robert.