George Abercromby d.1699

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George ABERCROMBY of Tullibody d.1699

The Abercromby bookplate, British Museum Franks Collection 53

Biographical Note

There is a series of bookplates in the Franks collection all incorporating the same coat of arms (argent a chevron gules between three boars' heads erased azure), used by various members of the Abercromby/Abercrombie family. Working out which is which is complex, as different branches of the family evolved during the 17th century, all descended from a 16th-century Alexander Abercromby of Birkenbog, whose first son became Sir Alexander Abercromby of Birkenbog, 1st bart (1603-84), and whose younger son John Abercromby, 1608-91, became the 1st of Glasshaugh. The Glasshaugh estate descended down a male line of Abercrombys (Alexander, 2nd of Glasshaugh,; Alexander, 3rd of Glasshaugh, 1677-1729).

The baronetcy of the first Sir Alexander of Birkenbog passed down his male line of first surviving sons (Sir James, 2nd bart, ca.1670-1734; Sir Robert, 3rd bart (ca.1698-1787). A younger son of the 1st Sir Alexander, also Alexander Abercromby (d.1753, MP), inherited the estate of Tullibody from his uncle, George (d.1699). There are therefore lines of Abercrombys of Birkenbog, Glasshaugh and Tullibody, many of whom had the same given names, and all used the same coat of arms.

The bookplate recorded for 'Abercromby of Tullibody' may be that of George Abercromby or possibly his nephew Alexander Abercromby of Tullibody (1675-1753) with a change of motto.


Used an engraved bookplate:

52 Abercromby of Tullibody

53 Abercromby of Tullibody. (The last plate with motto altered)