George Finch ca.1662-1710

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George FINCH ca.1662-1710

Bookplate of George Finch (British Museum Franks Collection *233)

Biographical Note

Son of William Finch of London, a wealthy merchant. His education and career are not traced but he can be assumed to have followed his father's professions; in 1690, when he was living in the City, he married Constance Hornby, daughter of a banker and goldsmith. In 1702 he bought Valentines House in Ilford, which had been built a few years before by the widow of John Tillotson; in 1709 he bought extensive estates at Rainham.


Finch used an engraved armorial bookplate dated 1707 (Franks 10506/*233); the extent of his library is not known. His will has no mention of books, and is largely concerned with the disposition of property and money around his family; all the residue of his estate passed to his eldest son William.