George Ryves 1561-1613

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George RYVES 1561-1613

Biographical Note

Born in Blandford, Dorset, son of John Ryves of Damory Court, and a member of an established gentry family there. BA New College, Oxford 1582, MA 1586, BD 1594, DD 1599; Warden of New College 1599, vice-chancellor 1601. Rector of Blandford St Mary. Dorset 1589, of Alverstoke, Hampshire 1591, and held several other livings in several counties; canon of Winchester 1598. Chaplain to James I. Overseer to the second Westminster company of translators of the King James Bible.


In his will, Ryves bequeathed to New College “all such of my books in folio as are not already in the College Library”; there are no other directions for the disposal of books and the rest of his library would have formed part of the residue of his estate which passed to his brother William. It is not known how many folios should have reached the College, or whether they were received, as they have not been identified either on the shelves or via the donors’ book. The donors’ book does record a small number of books given during Ryves’s lifetime, which can be found there today. Examples: New College Oxford BT3.103.5-7, BT3.167.7.

Characteristic markings

The books in New College given during his lifetime are generally inscribed with Ryves’s name and the motto “Non est mortale quod optat”.