George Vernon d.1722

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George VERNON ca.1668-1722

Biographical Note

Vernon was born in London and educated at Eton before being admitted to King's College, Cambridge. BA 1691, MA 1694, fellow 1690. He was a chaplain in the Royal Navy from 1695-1701, and then became rector of Buckland, Hertfordshire from 1712 until his death.


Vernon's books were sold at retail sale in London from 20 February 1722, alongside those of James Hargrave. Advertisements in the Post Boy and other newspapers described the sale as 'consisting of a Collection of valuable and choice Books in Divinity, History, Law, Travels, Poetry, Classick Authors... and other valuable Editions of the best Authors in Greek, Latin, Spanish, Italian, French and English, with a large Collection of Sermons by the best Authors, bound and stitcht, and MS. Sermons; also several Historical Tracts, and a Collection of MS. Reports and Entries, with several Missals, &c. curiously written on Vellum; with Figures beautifully illuminated'.


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