Henry Cook 1642-1700

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Henry COOK 1642-1700

Biographical Note

Thought to be the son of Henry Cook, painter; possibly university-educated, he also spent some years in Italy. He came to prominence in the 1680s as the decorator of Sprotbrough Hall for Sir Godfrey Copley, and thereafter was commissioned to undertake various major house painting and refurbishing schemes in London, Oxford and elsewhere. He worked on the restoration of Raphael's cartoons for William III.


In his will, Cook made no specific mention of books; he directed that all his goods and personal effects be sold, for the benefit of family members. His library was auctioned in London, 30.12.1700. The sale catalogue contains 253 lots, comprising 125 lots of English books, 49 French, 45 Italian and 34 Latin. He owned numerous works on architecture, painting and perspective, as well as literary, historical scientific and theological books. Some of his illustrated books were probably acquired partly for that reason, while the French and Italian ones doubtless reflect his travels there.

Characteristic Markings

None of Cook's books have been identified.