Henry Somerset 1684-1714

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Henry SOMERSET, 2nd Duke of Beaufort 1684-1714

Henry Somerset's bookplate, dated 1706, British Museum Franks Collection *3
One of the armorial stamps of Henry Somerset, British Armorial Bindings Stamp 4

Biographical Note

Born at Monmouth Castle, son of Charles Somerset, Marquess of Worcester. He inherited the Beaufort dukedom on the death of his grandfather Henry the 1st Duke in 1700. He joined Robert Harley's government, and the Privy Council , in 1710.


Somerset used armorial book stamps, and engraved armorial bookplates dated 1705, 1706 (Franks 27572-3); a bookplate dated 1706 was also made for his wife Rachel (d.1709) (Franks *4). The extent of his library is not known. Examples: Christopher Edwards catalogue 79 (2020)/7.