Henry Stubbes 1605/6-1678

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Henry STUBBES or STUBBS 1605/6-1678

Biographical Note

Son of Henry Stubbes of Bitton, Gloucestershire. BA Magdalen Hall, Oxford 1628, MA 1630. Rector of Partney, Lincolnshire 1632, but shortly afterwards moved to Ireland. Vicar of St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol 1647 and of Chew Magna, Somerset (ejected 1662); licensed to preach in London, 1672, but around then he returned to the west country and was vicar of Horsley, Gliucestershire for the last few years of his life. He published devotional works and sermons.


In his will, Stubbes bequeathed his Polyglot Bible to his son Robert, and directed that the rest of his books should go to his son Samuel "if he atteine to learning and take upon him the work of the ministry"; otherwise, they were to go to Robert, upon paying £40 to Samuel. He also left money to establish small trusts in various Gloucestershire parishes "for the buying of books for poore children and for teaching them to read". His library was auctioned in London 29.11.1680, as part of a joint sale with Benjamin Dillingham and two others; the sale catalogue runs to over 13,000 lots but does not distinguish which book came from which source.

Characteristic Markings

None of Stubbes's books have been identified.