Henry Winder 1693-1752

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Henry WINDER 1693-1752

Biographical Note

Son of Henry Winder (d.1733), farmer, of Hutton John, Cumberland. Attended Penruddock Grammar School and entered the Whitehaven Academy in 1708. He later studied under Joseph Boyse in Dublin where he gained his licence to preach in 1714. Ordained 1716, he spent the rest of his life as minister of the dissenting congregation at Castle Hey, Liverpool, which later moved to Benn's Garden, Red Cross Street.


Winder collected a valuable library of books and manuscripts which he left to his congregation. These eventually ended up at Renshaw Street Chapel and were given to Manchester College (now Harris Manchester College, Oxford) by the successor to Renshaw Street, the Ullet Road Church, in 1919, where they remain. His printed books reflect his interests in dissenting literature and biblical interpretation as well as chronology, history, and scientific works such as the first edition of Newton’s Principia. He also owned several works printed locally to him in Boston and Liverpool. Some of his manuscripts appear to have been lost but a few notebooks and letters remain in the archives at Harris Manchester College. Examples: many at Harris Manchester College.

Characteristic Markings

Winder inscribed all his books and tracts; many also have an institutional bookplate of the Unitarian Chapel at Renshaw Street, Liverpool.