Hugh Campbell ca.1673-1731

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Hugh CAMPBELL, 3rd earl of Loudoun ca. 1673-1731

Hugh Campbell's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *561)

Biographical Note

Probably born at Loudoun, Ayrshire, son of the 2nd earl, James Campbell (d. 1684). He was educated at Glasgow University. He entered the Scottish Parliament in 1696 and was appointed extraordinary lord of session in 1699. He was a member of the Scottish Privy Council and from 1708 the British Privy Council and was one of the elected Scottish peers in the House of Lords. He fought at the battle of Sheriffmuir (1715).


Used engraved bookplates:

Franks 4949 (Campbell.) The Right Honorable Hugh Earle of Loudoun Lord Machline, &c. (Hugh 3rd Earl of Loudoun succeeded 1684; died 1731.)

Franks *561 (Campbell.) The Right Honorable Hugh, Earl of Loudoun Lord Machline, &c. (A different plate.)