Hugh Everard 1655-1706

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Sir Hugh EVERARD, 3rd bart 1655-1706

Biographical Note

Born at Langleys, Much Waltham, Essex, son of Sir Richard Everard, 2nd baronet, MP for Westminster; the family had held manorial estates in and around Great Waltham, Essex, since the fifteenth century, though the History of Parliament notes that Hugh inherited an estate of only ca.£500 p.a. from his father, and his will shows that he died with significant debts. Early baronetcy directories note that he had a military career in the Anglo-Dutch wars of the 1660s and 1670s, and subsequently held local administrative offices in Essex as JP and Receiver-general of land tax.


Everard's will begins by assigning all his estate, including his goods and chattels, to trustees who were instructed to sell or otherwise dispose of it so that a £2000 debt could be paid off, after which financial settlements were apportioned to his children. His library was sold by auction in London in a mixed sale together with the books of the physician Leonard Plukenet, beginning 20 October 1707. The catalogue lists 1719 lots, plus "several [unlisted] manuscripts of law, history, physick, mathematicks, etc", divided into Latin medicine (466), Latin mathematics (146), Miscellaneous Latin (429), Miscellaneous English (482), and Law (196). There is no way of distinguishing which books came from which source, though most of the medical and scientific books were presumably Plukenet's.

Characteristic Markings

None of Everard's books have been identified.