Humphrey Ditton 1675-1714

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Humphrey DITTON 1675-1714

Biographical Note

Born at Salisbury, son of Humphrey Ditton, gentleman and nonconformist. He was briefly a nonconformist minister before becoming mathematics master at the Mathematical School at Christ’s Hospital. He published a number of mathematical and theological works, including an (unsuccessful) New method for the discovery of longitude at sea (1714).


Ditton's library was auctioned in London, 9.3.1715. The sale catalogue contains 296 lots, subdivided only by format and not by subject or language; it included books in English, Latin and French, on a wide range of subject, with many titles relating to mathematics. There is a note at the end of the catalogue requesting that "any person having borrow'd books of Mr. Ditton, is desir'd to bring 'em to his widow in Christ's Hospital".

Characteristic Markings

None of Ditton's books have been identified.