Humphrey Hody 1659-1707

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Humphrey HODY 1659-1707

Biographical Note

Born at Oldcombe, Somerset, son of Richard Hody, rector there. BA Wadham College, Oxford 1679, MA 1682, fellow 1685, BD 1689, DD 1693; he held a number of college offices, and was Regius Professor of Greek from 1698. He was chaplain to Edward Stillingfleet, John Tillotson and Thomas Tenison, and held various parochial livings from 1695; he became archdeacon of Oxford in 1704. He published numerous doctrinal and historical works, and was involved in supporting the case of taking oaths to William and Mary, against the position of the nonjurors.


In his will, Hody bequeathed his library to the University of Oxford to have first choice, and after that to Wadham College, on condition that in the latter case only the Warden be allowed to borrow any books, and that an annual count be made of the books. Any books not selected by either institution were to be sold. He also directed that remaining unsold copies of his last book, De bibliorum textibus (1705) be disposed of "beyond sea", and that only large paper copies should be sold in England.