James Reid d.1602

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James REID d.1602

Biographical Note

The younger son of James Reid of Pitfoddells. Married Isabel Meldrum (d.1621) and had multiple children, including Thomas, Latin Secretary to James VI, and Alexander, physician to Charles I. Reid was the minister of Banchory in Ternan from 1567, and a burgess of Aberdeen from 1598.


In 1585, Reid donated 4 volumes to the Common Library of Aberdeen, which formed part of the library’s foundational collection. These books were:

Augustine In vetus quam Novum Testamentum commentarii per Ioannem Gastium editi. (Basel, 1542)

The sermons of St Bernard (Paris, 1517) also owned by Adam Heriot, and John Kennedy.

Divi Caecilii Cyperiani opera iam quartum a mendis repurgata, per Des, Erasmum (Basel, 1540)

and the works of Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrus (Cologne, 1573)

The books now reside at the University of Aberdeen.

Characteristic Markings

Reid used a printed book label in Gothic type reading “James Reid Minister of Goddis Word, an.”


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