John Buxton 1608-1680

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John BUXTON 1608-1680

Biographical Note

Son of Robert Buxton, of Channonz Hall, Norfolk, from whom he inherited the family estate in 1612. His education was completed at Gray's Inn, which he entered in 1626. Sheriff of Norfolk 1638-9.


A notebook in which Buxton kept detailed records of his expenditure, 1627-31, includes around £20 spent on ca.170 books, mostly individually listed, "for my library". The books are all in English, with numerous literary titles as well as theology, history, law and other subjects. Later financial accounts show that he continued buying books through the 1630s and 40s, although the size of his library by the time of his death is not known. In his will, he left some books to his wife, and directed that most of it be held in trust for his sons. It largely descended through the family before being dispersed in the late 19th century. David McKitterick's article provides a full transcription and analysis of the purchase lists.

Characteristic Markings

None of Buxton's books have been identified with any certainty, but McKitterick deduces that on the whole they were likely to have been simply bound.


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