John Chester 1693-1748

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Sir John CHESTER, 6th bart 1693-1748

Chester's bookplate, in corrected state (British Museum Franks Collection 5700)

Biographical Note

Son of Sir John Chester, 4th bart, of Chicheley, Buckinghamshire; he inherited the title and family estate on the death of his elder brother, the 5th baronet, shortly after their father's death in 1726. Matriculated at Christ's College, Cambridge 1709, but did not graduate; admitted at the Inner Temple 1713. MP for Bedfordshire 1741-47.


Chester used an engraved armorial bookplate, known in two variant states (Franks 5699-5700); the difference between the two seems to be a minor re-engraving to correct "Chechley" to "Chichley". The extent and disposition of his library is not known; the baronetcy was inherited by his son of the same name.