John Cock 1639?-1701

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John COCK 1639?-1701

Biographical Note

Born in Newcastle; BA Christ’s College, Cambridge 1659; MA 1662. Vicar of St. Oswald’s, Durham 1673; Lecturer at St. Nicholas, Newcastle 1675; Rector of Gateshead 1687. Deprived as a non-juror, 1689. Moved to London, where he died.


Cock bequeathed a library of ca. 1500 volumes to the parish of St Oswald’s, Durham, with £20 to build an annex to the Vicarage to house them; a catalogue of 1691, with additions to 1705, survives in Durham University Library (Add.MS.7654). The books were sold and dispersed in 1929 and are now found in many libraries. Examples: British Library 1487.e.17; Durham University Library ELCC.C70P, Elliott I.7; Sotheby’s 15.11.1977/281.

Characteristic Markings

Cock’s books are commonly, but not invariably, inscribed “Liber Joannis Cocke”, or similar, sometimes with price paid. A printed book label was placed in the books after Cock’s death.


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