John English 1586-1613

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John ENGLISH 1586-1613

Biographical Notes

Born in Sufolk. BCL St John's College, Oxford 1608. Dean of Law at St John's 1611-12; curate of Wolvercote.


Inventory on decease lists 518 vols, valued at £22 10s 3d. Over 50% of the collection was theological; 22% comprised texts in classics, philosophy or logic; 10.6% (55 items) was legal. The inventory gives some clues to the physical disposition of the books in English's study ("on ye shelf over the dooer"; "in ye south end of ye study").

Characteristic Markings

A copy of an early 16th century edition of Plautus, sold at Forum Auctions in November 2020, had the inscription "John Englishe Joannesis Oxon" at the head of the titlepage.


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