John Heydon 1588-1653

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Sir John HEYDON 1588-1653

Biographical Note

Born at Saxlingham, Norfolk, son of Sir Christopher Heydon, astrologer. He may have served overseas as a soldier before becoming an estate steward at Sandown Castle, Kent; he inherited the family estates in 1627 and became Lieutenant of the ordnance. He was knighted in 1629. He was in charge of the royalist artillery during part of the Civil War, when his property was confiscated. He is noted as having shared his father's interests in astrology, and was a friend of Elias Ashmole.


More than 63 books, valued at £5 12s 4d, were seized from him by the London Committee for Sequestration in 1643, and sold. An inventory survives in the Committee's records in The National Archives.