John Hinckley 1617/8-1695

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John HINCKLEY 1617/8-1695

Biographical Note

Born at Coughton, Warwickshire, son of Robert Hinckley. BA St Alban Hall, Oxford 1638, MA 1641, BD and DD 1679. Vicar of Coleshill, Berkshire ca.1643; rector of Northfield, Warwikshire 1660; prebendary of Lichfield 1673. His Pithanologia: or, a persuasive to conformity (1670) generated a degree of controversy with nonconformist clergy, particularly Richard Baxter.


In his will, Hinckley left his younger son Walter "half my books or forty pounds at his choice", implying a notional valuation of the collection as a whole. All the residue of his goods and estate went to his elder son John.

Characteristic Markings

None of Hinckley's books have been identified.