John Hooke 1655-1712

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John HOOKE 1655-1712

John Hooke's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *461)

Biographical Note

Born at Drogheda, son of John Hooke, merchant. He matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin in 1672, and in 1675 was admitted at Gray's Inn (barrister, 1681). He was appointed a judge at Anglesey in 1689, and practised as both a barrister and a judge in Chester; shortly before his death, he was accused of corruption and removed from office. He was the first treasurer of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, which was founded after a meeting in his chambers in London in 1699.


Hooke used an engraved armorial bookplate dated 1703 (Franks 15250/*461). The extent of his library is not known; in his brief will, he left all his estate to his widow Elizabeth, and it seems likely that the family were in reduced circumstances at the time of his death.