John Maynard 1600-1665

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John MAYNARD 1600-1665

Biographical Note

Born at Rotherfield, Sussex, son of a wealthy yeoman. BA Queen's College, Oxford 1620, MA Magdalen Hall 1622. Vicar of Mayfield, Sussex 1624, of Camberwell, Surrey 1646 (ejected 1662). A number of his sermons were published.


Maynard's library was auctioned in London, 13.6.1687. The sale catalogue contains 2190 lots, divided between Latin theology (144 lots), Latin miscellaneous (233), English divinity (975), English miscellaneous (559), French, Italian, Spanish and Belgian books (74), 178 "libri omissi" (Latin and English), and 27 lots of bound tracts and stitched pamphlets.

Characteristic Markings

None of Maynard's books have been identified.