John Patrick 1632-1695

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John PATRICK 1632-1695

Biographical Note

Born at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, son of Henry Patrick, mercer; younger brother of Simon Patrick, later Bishop of Ely. BA Queens’ College, Cambridge 1651, MA 1654. He acted as his brother’s curate as vicar of Battersea from 1662, until installed as preacher of Charterhouse in 1671. He remained there for the rest of his career, gaining recognition as an author of theological and expository works which defended the viewpoint of the established Church of England.


Patrick bequeathed all his books (along with the residue of his estate more generally) to his brother Simon, who estimated that the library had cost him over £1000 to assemble. Most of these passed soon afterwards into the cathedral libraries of Peterborough and Ely. Examples: British Library 877.1.4, 785.d.4; Cambridge University Library Peterborough C.11.1, A.5.1, Ely.c.283, Ely.b.44.

Characteristic markings

Book inscription by John Patrick (Private Collection. G. J. Vossius, De vitiis sermonis, Frankfurt, 1656)

Patrick typically inscribed his titlepages with his name, and a private code showing the price paid; some books also carry a number suggesting he had a sequential classification or shelving system. Some of his books are annotated through the text and on the flyleaves, marking passages of interest.