John Rushworth ca.1612-1690

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John RUSHWORTH ca.1612-1690

Biographical Note

Born at Aklington Park, Warkworth, Northumberland, son of Lawrence Rushworth (d.1640/42). Educated at Oxford but did not matriculate. Solicitor at Berwick-upon-Tweed from 1638 and MP 1657, 1659, 1660, 1679, and 1681. Entered Lincoln’s Inn in 1640 and became clerk assistant at the House of Commons. Appointed cursitor of chancery for Yorkshire and Westmorland in 1643 and was called to the bar in 1647. During the civil war, he was frequently employed as a messenger and from 1641 he began collecting Civil War pamphlets and newsbooks, which he used in producing his Historical Collections.


Library partly auctioned in London, 8.12.1690, 5.1.1691, with a further part sold by the London bookseller J. Woodman in 1722.


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