John Starkey 1627?-1694

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John STARKEY or STARKIE 1627?-1694

Starkey's ownership inscription on the title page of Lambeth Palace Library A22.4/F62.

Biographical Note

Son of John Starkey, vicar of Hadlow, Kent. BA Peterhouse, Cambridge 1649; MA St John's 1652. Lecturer at Grantham, Lincolnshire 1655 (ejected); licensed to preach at Ormskirk, 1672.


Starkey directed, in his will, that his books be sold, with the money raised divided between his two sons William and John, and his daughter Jane Atkinson. His library was auctioned in London, 11.10.1694. The sale catalogue contains 619 lots, divided only in a number of sequences by format, without separating them out by subject or language.

The inscription and MS notes of John Starkey in Lambeth Palace Library A60.10/C17.

Characteristic Markings

A number of Starkey's books have been identified in the Sion College collection at Lambeth Palace Library, all of which are listed in the sale catalogue of his library. Examples: A22.4/F62 The fulfilling of the Scripture, or An essay shewing the exact accomplishment of the Word of God in his works of providence, performed & to be performed; A60.10/C17 Capel's Tentations : their nature, danger, cure; C60.5/B33 Baxter's Certainty of the worlds of spirits and consequently, of the immortality of souls; and A22.4/F62 The faithfulness of God: considered and cleared in the great events of his vvord.


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