John Woodhouse

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John WOODHOUSE ca.1627-1700

Biographical Note

Possibly a younger son of John Woodhouse of Wombourn, Staffordshire. Matriculated at Trinity College, Cambridge 1655, but did not graduate. Religiously nonconformist at the time of the Restoration, he became a chaplain to Lady Grantham. Marrying Mary Hubbert of Rearsby, Leicestershire he acquired an estate and some wealth, enabling him to establish a nonconformist academy at Sheriffhales, Shropshire in the 1670s, where he developed a library for the use of his students. This closed in 1697. He preached and taught in various places though he was not licensed under the 1672 Declaration of Indulgence.


We do not know details of Woodhouse's personal library; presumably some or all of it was used at the academy. His will has no mention of books, and is mostly concerned with distributing money and property around his family.

Characteristic Markings

None of Woodhouse's books have been identified.