Nathaniel Greenwood d.1714

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Nathaniel GREENWOOD d.1714

Biographical Note

BA Brasenose College, Oxford 1656, MA 1659, BD 1669. Rector of Cottingham, Northamptonshire from 1680 till his death.


In his will, Greenwood directed that his books be sold with the proceeds put towards the effecting of his various bequests, the residue of his estate being bequeathed to his nephews John and Nathaniel Greenwood, the sons of his deceased brother John. His nephew Dr Daniel Greenwood of Northampton was to assist his executors in overseeing the sale of the books to best advantage, and was to receive £5 and "Marcators Atlas and Hearnius his works". A codicil to the will noted that nephew Daniel had died since the original will was drawn up, and two of his parishioners were tasked instead with helping in the sale of the books.

Greenwood’s library was sold by auction in London by Daniel Browne, beginning 30 August 1714. The catalogue lists 340 lots, divided between 199 Latin books and 141 English ones, with a note at the end that "written catalogues of the remaining part are to be seen at the place of sale. The introduction referred to "many books relating to the affairs of England, Scotland and Ireland", and books of maps and prints.

Characteristic Markings

None of Greenwood's books have been identified.