Philip Barton 1694/5-1765

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Philip BARTON 1694/5-1765

Barton's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection 1694)

Biographical Note

Son of Philip Barton, of Kyre, Worcestershire, gentleman. BCL New College, Oxford 1720, fellow 1724, DCL 1733. Prebendary of Chichester 1730, of Winchester 1731, canon of Christ Church 1733; he also held various parochial livings.


Barton used an engraved armorial bookpile bookplate, dated 1755 (Franks 1694); he also used a crest bookplate, not in Franks. He was a significant collector of coins and medals, beside his books, and he largely divided these between Winchester College, Christ Church and New College. His will refers to his gifts to the first two of these as having already been given (probably shortly before his death), but contains extensive provision for the coins and books to be given to New College, specifying that they must be catalogued and kept in a separate, and regularly audited, cabinet. About 50 numismatic books were received by New College, and many of his books remain today in the Fellows' Library at Winchester College.