Philip Frith d.1670

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Philip FRITH d.1670

Biographical Note

Surgeon-apothecary in Rye; he may have begun his career as some kind of lawyer, like his friend Samuel Jeake.


Frith bequeathed his books, valued at £25, to Jeake's son (also Samuel Jeake, 1652-99); they were added to their joint library catalogue. The books included many titles in science, medicine and astrology, and a significant collection of almanacs. Jeake's library was dispersed from the 18th century onwards but a few of Frith's books can be identified today. Examples: Wellcome Library EPB/A/53221.

Characteristic Markings

Frith's books are typically inscribed with his name on the titlepage, and a note of the price paid for the book, in roman numerals.


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