Richard Baxter 1615-1691

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Richard BAXTER 1615-1691

Biographical Note

Born in the village of Rowton, Shropshire, son of Richard Baxter (d.1663) of Eaton Constantine, Shropshire, and Beatrice Adeney (d.1635). Baxter did not receive a university education but had a voracious appetite for books and ‘became one of the most learned of seventeenth-century divines’ (ODNB). Schoolmaster in Dudley, Worcestershire; assistant to William Madstard, vicar of Bridgnorth, Shropshire 1639. Vicar of Kidderminster, Worcestershire 1648 (ejected 1662); licensed to preach in London, 1672. A hugely influential devotional author, and a leading figure in late 17th-century English nonconformity.


Baxter's surviving library catalogue shows him to have had a collection of ca.1500 volumes.

Baxter's inscription in a copy of J. Caudry, Sabbatum redivivum, 1645, Princeton University Library

Characteristic Markings

Princeton University Library 5885.246.11 has Baxter's inscription on the flyleaf, above a biblical quotation.


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