Richard Brace d.1642

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Richard BRACE d.1642

Biographical Note

“Gentleman and practitioner in the art of physic” in the parish of St Augustine the Less, Bristol.


Brace’s probate inventory lists 120 “several books of several volumes” in the study, in various formats between folio and duodecimo, collectively valued at £6, from a total estate valued at £283. A copy of John Gerard’s Herbal in folio “editio ult[ima]” [i.e. the London, 1636 edition], and of “Romulinus his anotomie” were separately listed and valued at 30s and 8s. The study also contained a variety of boxes holding instruments, glasses and oils, and various other pieces of medical equipment.

Characteristic Markings

None of Brace’s books have been identified.


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