Richard Harvey 1560-1630

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Richard HARVEY 1560-1630

Biographical Note

Born at Saffron Walden, second son of John Harvey, yeoman and rope maker; Gabriel Harvey was his elder brother. BA Pembroke College, Cambridge 1578, MA and fellow 1581, university praelector in philosophy. Rector of Chislehurst, Kent 1586. He published various works, including an astrological tract and contributions to the Martin Marprelate pamphlets; like his brother; he was noted for a disputatious temperament.


Books with Harvey's inscription survive in numerous places, often annotated, suggesting that he had an appreciable library. Examples: Blickling Hall 1.e.14, Sotheby's (New York) 1.11.1995/lot 112.

Inscription of Richard Harvey (Blickling Hall J. Foxe, Commentarii rerum in ecclesia gestarum, Strasbourg, 1554)

Characteristic Markings

Harvey typically inscribed his books with his name in a distinctive italic hand, often with a date of acquisition added.