Robert Conyngham d.1685

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Robert CONYNGHAM, d.1685

Biographical Note

A younger son of William Conyngham (d.1666) who was one of Oliver Cromwell’s Commissioners in County Armagh during and after the 1641 rebellion. Brother to William ‘Good-Will’ Conygham (d.1721) of Springhill, County Londonderry. Descended from Scots Presbyterians, probably from Ayrshire, who settled in Ulster during the reign of James I. No further biographical details concerning Robert are presently discoverable; he is a figure known through his book inscriptions.


The extent and disposition of Robert’s library are not known. Two books -- Randle Cotsgrave’s Dictionarie of the French and English tongues (1632) and John Goodman’s A serious and compassionate inquiry (1684?) -- are in the library at the National Trust’s Springhill.

Inscription of Robert Conyngham (Springhill)

Characteristic Markings

Robert inscribed his books. Both note the date of purchase; one includes the place of purchase and that it was a gift.


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