Robert Thoroton 1623-1678

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Robert THOROTON 1623-1678

Biographical Note

Born at Morin Hall, Car Colston, Nottinghamshire, the eldest son of Robert Thoroton (1601-1673) and his wife, Anne Chambers of Stapleford. BA Christ’s College, Cambridge 1642-3, MA 1646. Married Anne, daughter of Gilbert Boun, Serjeant-at-law and MP, with whom he had three daughters. He was licensed to practice medicine in 1646, after which he lived and worked at Car Colston as a physician and country gentleman, later serving as JP for Nottinghamshire. An antiquary, Thoroton authored the Antiquaries of Nottinghamshire (1677) and assisted William Dugdale in his Visitation of Nottinghamshire, 1662-1664.

Characteristic Markings

Used an engraved armorial bookplate, Franks 29403.


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