Robert Wedderburn ca.1546-1611

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Robert WEDDERBURN ca.1546-1611

Biographical Note

Notary in Dundee. Uncle of David Wedderburne ca.1562-1634


One surviving book from his library Glasgow (Sp Coll BDA1-a.4)

Characteristic Markings

Pig Skin binding with "M WDDERBVRN" blind stamped. One of his books is described by his nephew as "“Metamorphosis Ovidii in Laten with the pictouris bund in ane swynis skyn of werry braw binding sumtyme apertening to Robert Weddernburn my uncle with ane uther buik of Inglis of Emblemis in meter for the space of ane month.” (Compt Buik, p.168)

His notarial mark


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  • Weddernburn, Alexander. The Wedderburn Book, A history of the Wedderburns, 2 Vols. Printed for Private Circulation, 1898