Sackville Crow 1674?-1703?

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Sir Sackville CROW, 2nd bart 1674?-1703?

Biographical Note

Born probably in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, at the estate of his father Sir Sackville Crow, 1st Bart, who died while imprisoned for debt in London in 1683. Unlike the father, whose entrepreneurial career is well documented (see ODNB), there is little to be found about the son.


Crow’s library was sold by auction in London by Paul Varenne, beginning 15 November 1703. The catalogue, of “Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish and French books, in all faculties” refers in its title to “a large collection of mathematical books … and of the classical authors … some of them bound in red Turkey leather”. It contained 1621 lots, divided only by format, not subject. The true size of Crow’s collection is not readily apparent, as the catalogue is “chiefly” (not solely) made up of his books, and it is stated that “a catalogue of [his] English books will be given out at the time of sale”. Examples: Senate House Library [G.L.] 1680 fol.

Characteristic Markings

Inscription of Sir Sackville Crow (SHL [G.L.] 1680 fol)

SHL [G.L.]1680 fol. Has the inscription “Sackville Crow” on the flyleaf, and “price 12s”.