Samuel Buckley 1673/4-1741

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Samuel BUCKLEY 1673/4-1741

Biographical Note

Buckley was a London stationer, recorded as a bookseller there from 1696, and as a printer soon afterwards. In 1703 he took over the printing of the Daily Courant. He was noted as "an excellent linguist, [who] understands the Latin, French, Dutch and Italian tongues; and is master of a great deal of wit".


As well as producing and selling books, Buckley had a personal library. In his will, in which he divided his property among his children, he directed that two fellow Stationers, Daniel Midwinter and John Knapton, should advise his executors on the disposal of his books (and other effects). His library was auctioned in London over 10 days, beginning 7.12.1741. The sale catalogue contains 1138 lots, divided only by format into three numbered sequences: folios (213 lots), quartos (217), octavos/duodecimos (708). They were not classified by subject or language, but the contents were wide-ranging on both those counts, containing books in English, Latin, French (the main languages included), on history, geography, classics, literature, theology, medicine, gardening and other topics. The nature of the bindings was not described, but a number of lots are noted as "sewed". The imprint dates were mostly from the second half of the 17th century, or the first half of the 18th, with a small proportion of late 16th/early 17th century ones.

Characteristic Markings

None of Buckley's books have been identified.


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