Sir George Wharton

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Sir George WHARTON, 1st bart 1617-81

Biographical Note

Born at Strickland, Westmorland, son of George Wharton, blacksmith. He studied briefly at Oxford in 1633 without matriculating; by 1641 he was in Bishop Auckland, where he began publishing almanacs. He became the leading astrologer on the royalist side, and fought in the Civil War; thereafter he had many difficult years, supported by Elias Ashmole and others, continuing to issue almanacs. After the Restoration he was appointed a clerk to the ordnance]], and its treasurer in 1670; he was made a baronet in 1677.


Part of Wharton's library was sold by retail sale in London, 20.10.1713, as part of a joint sale with "another learn'd gentleman".

Characteristic Markings

None of Wharton's books have been identified.