Sir Theodore de Mayerne 1573-1655

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Sir Theodore DE MAYERNE 1573-1655

Biographical Note

Born at Geneva, son of Louis Turquet. He studied philosophy at the University of Heidelberg and graduated MP from the University of Montpellier in 1596. He was appointed physician to Henri, duc de Rohan by Henri IV of France in 1599. He became physician to James I and developed a very successful practice in London. He was elected fellow of the College of Physicians in 1616 and was knighted in 1624.


His books passed to his niece after his death and were ultimately auctioned in London, 2.2.1713 (joint sale, with additions from his niece’s husband Sir John Colladon, and his son Sir Theodore, also physicians). Many of his manuscripts and papers are in the Royal College of Physicians, the British Library, and Cambridge University Library.