Thomas Brooks 1608-1680

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Thomas BROOKS 1608-1680

Biographical Note

Born (probably) in Sussex. Matriculated Emmanuel College, Cambridge 1625 but apparently did not graduate. Known to be preaching in London in the 1640s; minister of St Margaret’s, New Fish Street 1648, where he tried (unsuccessfully) to establish an entirely Independent congregation. After ejection, he continued to preach in London, and was licensed as a Congregationalist at Lime Street, London in 1672. Published a number of devotional/instructional works.


Brooks’s books were sold by auction in London by Edward Millington, 30 May 1681, as part of a joint sale of the books of Brooks, George Lawson, George Fawler and Owen Stockton (see entry for Lawson).

Characteristic Markings

None of Brooks’s books have been identified.