Thomas Gardiner 1591-1652

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Sir Thomas GARDINER 1591-1652

Biographical Note

Son of Michael Gardiner, rector of Littlebury, Essex. Admitted to the Inner Temple 1610, barrister 1618. Clerk of Crown for Carmarthen 1623, Recorder of London 1636. Around that time he purchased Cuddesdon Manor, Oxfordshire. He was active as a supporter of the royalist cause in London in the 1640s, and was imprisoned; after compounding for his estates in 1646 he retired to Cuddesdon.


42 books, valued at £16 3s, were seized from his London house by the London Committee for Sequestration in 1643, and sold. An inventory survives in the Committee's records in The National Archives.

Characteristic Markings

None of Gardiner's books have been identified.