Thomas Goad 1576-1638

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Thomas GOAD or GOADE 1576-1638

Biographical Note

Son of Roger Goad, provost of King's College, Cambridge. BA King's College 1596, MA 1600, BD 1607, DD 1615. Having been a fellow since 1595, he remained there until 1611 when he became rector of Milton, Cambridgeshire. He was made a chaplain to George Abbot shortly after he became Archbishop of Canterbury and appointed rector of Merstham, Surrey in 1617. The following year he became precentor of St Paul's, London and rector of Hadleigh, Suffolk. He was trusted by the ecclesiastical establishment as a defender of the Calvinist orthodoxy of the time; as well as attending the Synod of Dort as part of the Anglican delegation, he was involved in various disputes against Catholicism and Arminianism. He was however sufficiently biddable to the beauty of holiness to decorate his church at Hadleigh with wall paintings, and his appointment as a church commissioner in 1633, and a prebendary of Canterbury in 1636, show that he was in favour with the Laudian church. He published a number of sermons and doctrinal works. In 1620 he was involved in discussions about the control of imported books, seeking to avoid the creation of a monopolistic situation.


There can be little doubt that Goad will have added considerably during his lifetime to the books left him by his father, though the extent of his library is not known. He established a parish library at Hadleigh although exactly when, and what happened to the books, is unclear; Perkin notes that “by 1727 there were still many shelves but no books”, and a late 17th c catalogue of the library lists 144 volumes. In his will, Goad left land at Milton to King's College, on condition that all the annual return be spent on divinity books for the College library, to be approved by “the provost and more apt of the seniors”. These books were to be signed "legavit Thomas Goad sacrae theologiae professor quondam socius huius collegii". Apart from this, and specific bequests of a couple of patristic titles (St Ambrose, and St Augustine), his will does not refer to the disposition of his personal books. Examples Maggs 1471 (2013)/32.

Characteristic Markings

Books purchased for King’s through his legacy were indeed marked as he instructed for some years thereafter; a printed book label was made ca.1650 and some books also have an armorial stamp which was put on by the College.


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