Thomas Horne d.1720

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Thomas HORNE d.1720

Biographical Note

Born in Tonbridge, Kent. Son of Thomas Horne, master of Eton. Studied at Eton before matriculating at King's College, Cambridge. BA 1662/3, MA 1666, fellow 1662, senior proctor 1682, fellow of Eton in the same year and vice-provost from 1697. Chaplain to the Earl of St Albans and Charles II. Rector of Piddle Hinton, Dorset 1685, Bramshot, Hampshire 1685 and Clewer, Berkshire.


Horne's will makes no mention of his books, which were sold by retail sale in London from 9 November 1726. The sale was advertised in the Daily Journal and the Daily Courant. A number of books from Horne's library seem to have made their way to the library at Eton, either through a donation from Horne in 1713, or after his death in 1720. Examples: Fi.4.11, Gg.2.02, Fl.8.17(04).

Characteristic Markings

At least one book of Horne's in the collection at Eton features marginalia, which could be in his hand (Fi.4.11).