Thomas Jenner 1637-1707

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Sir Thomas JENNER 1637-1707

Biographical Note

Born at Mayfield, Sussex, son of Thomas Jenner, yeoman and a captain of militia. Matriculated at Queen's College, Oxford 1655, but did not graduate; he entered the Inner Temple in 1659 and became a barrister in 1663. After establishing a successful legal career in London, he was knighted in 1683 and made recorder of London. MP for Rye 1685, Baron of the Exchequer 1686, of Common Pleas 1688, but his support of James II's regime led to his imprisonment and prosecution in the early 1690s; being pardoned, he returned to his law practice.


Jenner's will has no mention of books, and is largely concerned with distributing money and property around his family; they would have been part of the residue of his estate, left to his son Thomas. His library was auctioned in London, 23.5.1707; no catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in the Daily Courant.